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Good Boy Books Update!

Yes, it's time for another State of The Books and this time it's good news: our big move is nearly complete, and very soon we'll have access to everything we need to format, market and release books again.

It's been a tough transition for us keeping things engaging, making things transparent, and, frankly, running into problem after problem.

And we wouldn't have made it as a business without YOU! Subscribers, readers and fans, we thank you all. We'll update you again once we have all the hardware and software we need up and running, and from then on in you can expect all the releases we've been hyping up for so long!

From here on in, we're cruising to making GBB better than it's ever been.

And...oh, what's this?

A link? For Audible? A great platform with tons of audiobooks that's the ultimate destination for any audiobook enjoyer? The imminent host of a thrilling audiobook hot off the GBB presses? Wow!

If I were you, I'd sign up now!

(P.S. we have to tell you that we get paid if you click on this little doodad. Yep, that means we're an Amazon Affiliate now. Look how professional and official we are :')

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