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The First of Many

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Howdy Newsletter crew!

By hopping on in, you're really helping to improve the website.

We're definitely still learning how to put all this together, but a better website mean a better experience for our readers, and that's what Good Boy Books is all about.

This is our first real test, so jump back to the newsletter to check out our update on the WGA strike and maybe even donate to the Entertainment Community Fund. Every little bits helps bring the end of the strike closer.

Now that we've (hopefully) got this thing all hooked up, you can look forward to deals, early reveals and early access to new reveals...but only for readers who stayed tuned to the website! Thanks again for bearing with us through this rocky transitional period.


As a special thank you for sticking with us, have a gift for all the fans of the lore of our fantasy series Black Blade: three short stories that answer a few of our reader's more burning questions, and it's going FREE! But only for one day! Tomorrow (that's the 7th of September) just slap the image a blast on over for one day only!

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