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Yep It's a Strike Update

Wowza. Every time we at Good Boy Books sit down to puzzle out what sort of thing's going to make the newsletter this week we always think to ourselves "do we need a strike update this week? Seems like nothing's going on."

But then, wouldn't you know it? There isn't nothing going on.

Actually it's something that's going on. Two somethings.

So...first up is good news! California's state government is on the verge of (as of this writing) making it legal for striking workers to apply for unemployment benefits!

Naturally, this makes it a lot harder for the AMPTP to starve anyone out and it sends a clear message that the state is on the side of the combined strike.

Next, though is not so good news. Multiple daytime talk shows (not naming names here for reasons we'll discuss below) have started airing again. They use non-guild writers to create the script, and the hosts of these shows have chosen to cross strike lines and return to work. We don't like to assume the motivations behind these decisions because at this point, everybody's hurting and these shows and everyone who works on them might have to choose between this and going under.

Whatever the motive, everyone involved is sure to feel the backlash, and while it's unlikely to hurt the strike, it sends a false message to the AMPTP. Especially when the security on these shows search and confiscate merchandise supporting the writer's trike from their audience.

P.S. howdy everyone who read this far. Nice to see you care about the strike (don't forget to donate through the ECF link in the newsletter) but since you're here and clearly a thoughtful, conscientious sort, we value your input.

So let's say...hypothetically...a follow-up series to Vampire Sate was in development. Also let's say (hypothetically of course) it was a prequel, you could (if you wanted) leave suggestions in the comments and tell us anything from the Vampire State series world you'd like to see further explored.

(Again, only if you want. We're not exactly starved for ideas.)

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