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The FINAL Strike Update

Yep, that's the bottom line. It's over.

If you want the details straight from the source, SLAM your cursor right into King Theoden's beautiful face (he's celebrating too.)

As for the Good Boy Books breakdown?

The outcome looks good. Really good. The new MBA (minimum basic agreement) covers basically every point the Guild wanted:

Minimus and income are properly adjusted for inflation, as are health insurance and pension plans. Writers also earn 150% royalties on pilot and backups scripts, too.

While AI is not outright banned, studious must disclose when it's used and can't use AI to write a first draft.

Screenwriters now have a guaranteed "second step" chance to develop their projects when they're acquired and faster payment schedules when turning in their work.

Writer's room sizes are now protected and have new minimums based on the number of espies to a season of television, preventing studios from cutting costs by putting unfair workloads on small teams.

Maybe the biggest news of all (besides landmark protections against AI) is an increase to residuals based on viewership. Combined with an agreement to share viewership data with the WGA, this guarantees that successful writers will actually be compensated when their shows do massive numbers. That's a lot.

We're hoping in the coming days SAG-Aftra will get a similarly good deal.

Oh...and that reminds us, did you know that Prime Day is coming up?

If there was ever a time to grab some spicy prices on audiobooks (with Good Boy Books' contribution debuting soon) it's now! SLAM that link below and CRAM those puppies in your ears! (we get paid if you do)

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